Festival of Brexit
Will the Festival of Brexit Divide the Nation or Succeed As a Unifying Showcase?
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South Bank’s 1951 Festival of Britain may be the blueprint for a 2022 Festival of Britain and Northern Ireland Britain’s past Great Exhibitions were held as landmark events to showcase the nation’s arts and technology. The post-Brexit Festival of Britain and Northern Ireland planned for 2022 will be inevitably tied to the contentious EU referendum […]

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South Bank Brutalist architecture
A Closer Look At South Bank’s Brutalist Architecture
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Many believe that South Bank’s blocky, futuristic look was designed for the 1951 Festival of Britain which celebrated the nations’s architecture and its futuristic technology in the rebuilding of Britain after World War 2. However, that wasn’t the case. PM Winston Churchill hated the buildings constructed for the festival and had them all knocked down. […]

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