• People’s Vote March
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    Hundreds of thousands of people marched on parliament today to demand a ‘People’s Vote’. If you missed out then fear not, as Calum was there to capture all the action from today’s historic protests. The huge turnout, believed to rival that of the 2003 Iraq War protests, is another success for the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign. […]

  • London’s Population Problem
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    London has a population problem. More people are leaving the city than ever before, yet it’s population continues to grow. How is this happening and what does it mean for the future of London and the UK? In total 550,000 more British people have left London than moved in from other areas in the last […]

  • The Week That it Was for Brexit
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    What on earth happened with Brexit this week? If you’re asking yourself that question then fear not. Not only do we have the lowdown on all this week’s events but an update on whats coming next in the Brexit process. The Last Week In Brexit: Monday 11th of March: Theresa May secures legally binding changes […]

  • The Uncomforatble​ Truth About Solving Knife Crime
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    We are in the midst on a knife crime epidemic with the total number of stabbings in England and Wales the highest since records began. Everyone agrees that it’s a problem but no-one can agree on how to stop it. The first response that usually gets trotted out at this point is that we need […]

  • International Women’s Day – Women in Film
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    Today is International Women’s Day and to mark the occasion Marvel have released their first even female-led superhero movie, ‘Captain Marvel’. So we thought this would be a great chance to look back on the last year and see what, if anything, has changed for women in film. On the representation front, we are seeing […]

  • How to have a Healthy Pancake Day
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    Pancake Day is back again in 2019, another year of feeling guilty about copious amounts of lemon, sugar and Nutella. Well not anymore! Calum is here with a tutorial video to make your Shrove Tuesday healthy again. Here’s the recipe so you can make them for yourself. Raspberry Pancakes Ingredients: 200g self-raising flour1 tsp baking […]

  • Brexit: What’s Going To Happen?
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    It is exactly four weeks until we leave the European Union on March 29th, how time flies. But as we draw nearer to exit day it still remains unclear what, if any, kind of Brexit were going to have. Luckily, we have a guide to the most likely scenarios going into the final weeks of […]

  • OSCARs​ 2019 Round-Up
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    Award season came to an end last night with the 91st Academy Awards in LA. So, in case you missed it, here is a round-up of all the highlights from this year’s Oscars. We all know that Kevin Hart pulled out of hosting after controversy over some old homophobic tweets. However, it seemed like it […]

  • Brit Awards Round-Up 2019
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    Awards season is in full swing continuing with the 39th annual Brit awards on Wednesday. Here’s a quick round-up of all the best bits in case you missed it. Jack Whitehall was hosting for the second year running and he did a really solid job, performing little links throughout the show rather than an opening […]