Britain To Close Its Borders To Unskilled Workers – Would You Get Enough Points?
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The new immigration system which is based on points has come under examination and scrutiny since its announcement, with much stricter rules for those who apply for visas and essentially eliminating entry to unskilled workers. Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, has pushed for this new system before in Brexit debates, but has admitted it meant […]

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London’s Sights & Attractions From Your Smartphone
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Whilst our beloved city London is under lockdown to contain the covid-19 pandemic, one of the breathtaking captures floating around on social media are footages of London’s iconic sights and structures deserted and devoid of people. No doubt the capital will bounce back slowly and gradually and the locals and tourists will eventually throng to […]

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The Great Gatsby, Immersive LDN, Immersive theatre
The Great Gatsby [Theatre Review]
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For those who know little about great American author F. Scott Fitzgerald, his novels are set in Prohibition-era US with all the flamboyance of the Roaring Twenties. The Great Gatsby depicts the wealth, excess and dazzling society parties hosted by his lead character millionaire Jay Gatsby. This immersive theatre and dining experience starts with a […]

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  • London's Chinatown
    London’s Chinatown
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    It is the year of the Rooster. On the eve of Chinese New Year we look at Chinatown, one of London’s most well-known pockets of ethnic minority communities. Situated in the back streets between Leicester Square and Piccadilly there are cheek by jowl restaurants which especially during Chinese New Year are a tourist magnet. What’s […]

  • Curtain Road, Shoreditch
    Curtain Rd, Shoreditch: Where the UK’s Theatre History Began
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    Curtain Road in Shoreditch has its place in British history as the location for Britain’s earliest theatres. In 1576 the first purpose-built modern playhouse was constructed on this road and given the succinct title of The Theatre. Nice name! It comes from the Latin term Theatrum used to describe a Roman playhouse and was the […]

  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore’s Sculpture Returns to East London
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    A Henry Moore is returning to Tower Hamlets, East London, yes, even though he’s from Yorkshire and been dead for 30 years. A sculpture of his, that is. His Draped Seated Woman was created in 1957 to express his experience of the Blitz which of course also levelled much of the East End. Local cockneys […]

  • London Theatres
    London Theatres: Did You Know?
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    With the Christmas countdown in full effect it follows that panto season is in full swing. With the kids dragging you off to the theatre perhaps for their or even your first time here’s a few fascinating facts about London’s theatres.  London’s oldest theatre First built in 1663 on Bridges Street, the Theatre Royal Drury […]

  • St Paul's Cathedral
    December 2 1697: The Official Opening of St Paul’s Cathedral
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    Britain’s greatest architect Sir Christopher Wren conceived of St Paul’s Cathedral in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1666 which ravaged the capital. He drew up plans to resurrect a city which had only just recovered from the Plague, intending the cathedral as its centrepiece. Few people know that his skills were self taught […]

  • Theatreland
    Hot Picks This Week
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    As the week kicks off here’s a checklist of some eye-catching events across the capital which are certainly worth a look in. Keep a space for these in your social calendar. Museums: South Africa: The Art of a Nation (British Museum). An exhibit of South Africa’s rich artistic heritage including their earliest rock art From […]

  • Lord Nelson
    Sept 29th: Lord Nelson’s Birthday
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    Britain’s greatest naval officer was born today September 29th in 1758 and no doubt the National Maritime Museum’s Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery on its 2nd floor will be paying tribute to his achievements in a fitting way. The humble son of a village rector became a Navy midshipman at an age when you were probably just into […]