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Chase The Moon! Make Autumn Your Breakthrough Season as a First-Time 5k or 10k London Jogger
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For most hesitant first-time joggers and keep-fit wannabes, autumn is when they are looking forward to the comforts of the countdown to the festive season and the even greater comfort of setting that New Year’s keep fit resolution. Yes, that same resolution they ditch two weeks into January. The best way to avoid that recurring […]

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  • Henry Moore
    Henry Moore’s Sculpture Returns to East London
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    A Henry Moore is returning to Tower Hamlets, East London, yes, even though he’s from Yorkshire and been dead for 30 years. A sculpture of his, that is. His Draped Seated Woman was created in 1957 to express his experience of the Blitz which of course also levelled much of the East End. Local cockneys […]

  • London Theatres
    London Theatres: Did You Know?
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    With the Christmas countdown in full effect it follows that panto season is in full swing. With the kids dragging you off to the theatre perhaps for their or even your first time here’s a few fascinating facts about London’s theatres.  London’s oldest theatre First built in 1663 on Bridges Street, the Theatre Royal Drury […]

  • St Paul's Cathedral
    December 2 1697: The Official Opening of St Paul’s Cathedral
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    Britain’s greatest architect Sir Christopher Wren conceived of St Paul’s Cathedral in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1666 which ravaged the capital. He drew up plans to resurrect a city which had only just recovered from the Plague, intending the cathedral as its centrepiece. Few people know that his skills were self taught […]

  • Theatreland
    Hot Picks This Week
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    As the week kicks off here’s a checklist of some eye-catching events across the capital which are certainly worth a look in. Keep a space for these in your social calendar. Museums: South Africa: The Art of a Nation (British Museum). An exhibit of South Africa’s rich artistic heritage including their earliest rock art From […]

  • Lord Nelson
    Sept 29th: Lord Nelson’s Birthday
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    Britain’s greatest naval officer was born today September 29th in 1758 and no doubt the National Maritime Museum’s Nelson, Navy, Nation gallery on its 2nd floor will be paying tribute to his achievements in a fitting way. The humble son of a village rector became a Navy midshipman at an age when you were probably just into […]

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury Plaque
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    Flamboyant Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara) has been honoured with an English Heritage blue plaque on the walls of his childhood home in Feltham, West London. Band member Brian May and Mercury’s sister Kashmira Cooke addressed the media outside at 22 Gladstone Avenue sharing memories of his early years and beyond, when […]

  • Theatreland
    London Comes Alive as All Night Tube Service Begins
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    Night clubs have been losing business at a rapid rate, with a 50% increase in closures since 2008 but tonight’s introduction of all night Tube services may reverse the trend. Despite contention over how the stations would be manned and whether staff would receive equitable pay increases, the Central and Victoria lines will be the […]

  • First Traffic Lights London
    August 3rd: The First Traffic Lights in London
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    The first electric traffic lights to be introduced in Britain were erected in London on this date August 3rd in 1926 whilst August 5th is the centenary of the first such lights anywhere in the world. We take for granted these safety signallers and their red, green and amber  commands but with our capital city now […]

  • Theatreland
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    Ever wondered why London’s West End is known as Theatreland? This ‘theatrical’ photo series by Eddie Saint-Jean tells you exactly why!

  • The Queen of 9 days - Lady Jane Grey
    July 19th: The Nine Days Queen & The Tower of London
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    So what does the average 15 year old girl get up to? It’s the age at which they have their first kiss with 77% saying they remember it as clear as the day it happened. Also according to a Daily Mail survey parents claim they are more concerned with boyfriends and make-up than school work. […]