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  • The Yacht London (Restaurant)
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    With the first few weeks of spring and the midday sun making even the Thames sparkle, river restaurants will have that seasonal pull on London diners and tourists alike. The Yacht London, a 1927 luxury steamship yacht, has retained its elegant, deco charm despite the recent £1million makeover that is immediately noticeable as you approach […]

  • X'mas at Leicester Square
    Leicester Square At Christmas
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    Leicester Square at Christmas is where it’s at! The festive experience in the heart of the capital and it couldn’t be better placed surrounded by the best of restaurants, theatres, bars and nightclubs. A godsend for revellers. Yes, a pop-up festival of eateries, X’mas merchandisers and other winter wonderland goodies.

  • Meet The Bakers!
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    As the countdown to HOT BAKES – The London Bake Off 2016 begins, we bring to you the talented contestants of this very festive and fun duel. Raquel Cruz – Founder of Cakelicious Croydon  Raquel Cruz- Cakelicious Croydon Raquel Cruz is the founder of Cakelicious Croydon. She is extremely passionate about baking and creating beautiful […]

  • It’s Bakin Hot
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    What’s Hot London? believes in keeping it hot all round the year and it is indeed bakin hot this winter. Saturday the 17th of December is the D-day of HOT BAKES – The London Bake Off 2016 at Clarendon Hall in the gorgeous York House at Richmond in West London. Talented bakers will display and […]

  • pulp-wines-wine-tasting
    Some Wine Tasting This X’mas?
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    Fresh off of the Taste of London Festival 2016, Pulp Wines is reaching out to discerning wine-lovers with their new wine tasting programme. We asked the marketing team at Pulp Wines a few questions about their company and a very unique approach to choosing your favourite wine. Q. Could you tell us a little about […]

  • dar-marrakech
    Dar Marrakech, Stratford (Restaurant)
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    High Street banks, cafes and municipal buildings are the normal architectural fare on the average London High Street so a Moroccan-style shop front with grand-looking doors and stand out North African and Middle Eastern design elements is always going to get more than its fair share of double takes in Stratford. Although you can’t always […]

  • strada camden
    Strada, Camden (Restaurant)
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    With Italian cuisine and drink products amongst the hottest attractions at the recent Taste of London restaurant festival then maybe you’d like a real restaurant experience to go with those appetising samples of Ronco Calino 2008 Italian champagne hot off of Italian Fizz’s Taste of London stalls. Look no further than the Strada chain of […]