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Girl On The Third Floor (Film review)
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It’s the 20th anniversary of FrightFest, the UK’s biggest horror and fantasy film festival and it promises an entertaining selection of features and short films from home and international talent. There’ll be 78 films over five days, with legendary director Dario Argento attending for the guest of honour screening of his 1982 movie Tenebrae. FrightFest […]

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  • Protests at Trump State Visit (VIDEO)
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    On the second day of President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK thousands took to the streets in protest. What’s Hot London? reporter Calum went down to catch all the action! What’s Hot London?

  • Why Greenpeace shut down BP Headquarters
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    Early on Monday morning, Greenpeace protestors moved into position on the BP Headquarters in central London, blocking all 5 entrances and shutting down the office. Calum was there on the scene to find out what happened next and why?

  • Rocketman Premiere
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    Stars and fans alike gathered in Leicester Square for the Premiere of brand new Elton John Biopic, Rocketman. Calum and Lynn went down to capture all the action speaking to superfans and even catching some celebs!

  • TV BAFTAs Round-Up
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    The stars were out in force last night for the TV BAFTAs at London’s Royal Festival Hall. Here’s a round-up of all the most important bits from another fantastic year. On the red carpet, ‘This Country’ actress Daisy May Cooper made headlines after deciding to don a dress made entirely from bin bags. However, viewers […]

  • Hostile Planet Premiere
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    In this episode of Telly Hot Calum and Lynn go down to the premiere of Bear Grylls’ Hostile Planet. They catch up with the likes of Matt Smith and Gizzie Erskine, before having a chat with the show’s producers all about the programme. The six-part series starts on the 28th of April on National Geographic […]

  • Leave Means Leave March
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    Thousands of protestors gathered in parliament square on the day that Brexit was meant to happen. Some had marched from as far as Sunderland over the last two weeks to be there, all in an effort to support Brexit. On the day when Theresa May’s deal was voted down for the third time, the overriding […]

  • People’s Vote March
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    Hundreds of thousands of people marched on parliament today to demand a ‘People’s Vote’. If you missed out then fear not, as Calum was there to capture all the action from today’s historic protests. The huge turnout, believed to rival that of the 2003 Iraq War protests, is another success for the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign. […]

  • The Week That it Was for Brexit
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    What on earth happened with Brexit this week? If you’re asking yourself that question then fear not. Not only do we have the lowdown on all this week’s events but an update on whats coming next in the Brexit process. The Last Week In Brexit: Monday 11th of March: Theresa May secures legally binding changes […]

  • Brexit: What’s Going To Happen?
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    It is exactly four weeks until we leave the European Union on March 29th, how time flies. But as we draw nearer to exit day it still remains unclear what, if any, kind of Brexit were going to have. Luckily, we have a guide to the most likely scenarios going into the final weeks of […]