• Streatham Kite Day 2019
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    Hundreds of amateurs and professionals gathered in Streatham Common today for the 21st Annual Streatham Kite Day. There were some amazing displays in the sunshine but don’t worry if you missed it! Calum was there to capture all the action.

  • Telegraph Hill Soap Box Derby
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    This week saw the second ever Telegraph Hill Soap Box Derby. The event was a huge success with thrills and spills for everyone to enjoy, Calum was there to take a look!

  • Canalway Cavalcade 2019
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    The 37th annual Canalway Cavalcade took place in Little Venice this weekend. Hundreds of boats met in the picturesque spot for a weekend of events and activities. This year’s theme is Celebrating Volunteers, of which there are hundreds across the country, who give up their time to maintain and restore the waterways. The event runs […]

  • Wandsworth Arts Fringe 2019
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    May 3rd marked the opening of the 2019 Wandsworth Arts Fringe. The festival, which is in its the tenth year, is emphatically inclusive, with over 150 events over the next two weeks to get you excited. Calum went down to take a look!

  • May Day Parade 2019
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    Yesterday thousands of activists took to the streets of Central London to celebrate International Workers Day. They marched along their traditional route from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Square with banners supporting a variety of causes. International workers day was set up to commemorate the Haymarket Affair of Chicago 1886. When, during a general strike for […]

  • Palm Print: The Madonna in Contemporary Art
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    Comparing contemporary depictions of the Madonna with Renaissance masterpieces. London-based artist Denise Wyllie, fresh from being interviewed by the BBC at the Royal Academy yesterday, turns her attention to a piece she won’t be submitting to the Academy just yet but which has recently done the rounds at international exhibitions. She has brought a new […]

  • Telly Hot: Vikings Season 6
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    When we last saw Vikings, Ivar and what remains of his army were travelling east, Harald had saved Bjorn’s life at the cost of being seriously wounded, and Bjorn was declared king by both Olaf and Lagertha. Given what has transpired at the end of season five, it would be safe to assume that these […]

  • Why Do Storms Have Names?
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    Storm Hannah is battering the UK today. But how do storms get their names and why do they have them in the first place? The naming of storms goes back to the 16th century at least, where sailors in the Carribean would name tropical storms after saints. However, it took the Met Office until 2014 […]

  • Trump State Visit Annouced For 2019
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    It’s confirmed. President Donald Trump will be coming to the UK for his first State Visit in June 2019. But hasnt he come alread? Why is he coming? And why are people so angry about it? Firstly, yes, Trump has visited the UK before in July 2018. However, this was a four-day working visit which […]