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  • Red Africa
    Red Africa at Calvert 22
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    None other than Labour MP Diane Abbott was among the distinguished guests at the February 4th opening party and private view for the Red Africa exhibition at Calvert 22, Shoreditch. It’s a season of art, film and events examining Cold War relations between Africa and the Soviet Union. A combination of history, politics and major […]

  • Russell Young: Superstars The Halcyon Gallery
    They’re a Superstar!
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    Looking more like a white-walled Roman villa with its impressive architecture and winding staircases, The Halcyon Gallery, New Bond Street was a fittingly vainglorious venue for this exhibition of superstars. Artist Russell Young has put a post-modern twist on the pop art phenomenon that Andy Warhol popularised in the 60s. Every iconic star from Grace […]

  • Nike Davies-Okundaye
    Nike Davies-Okundaye
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    Addressed using her full title Chief Davies-Okundaye the artist is, indeed, a Yoruba chief, but her’s is a life story of entrepreneurial spirit and independence rather than privilege. She points out that she achieved everything on her own merit after her separation from a husband with 15 wives and 62 children! She is now such […]

  • Imagining Don Quixote exhibition
    Imagining Don Quixote
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    A new exhibition at The British Library celebrates one of the greatest works of Spanish literature and its accompanied illustrations down the centuries. Imagining Don Quixote examines Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote with the focus on the artwork because it has become the darling of illustrators throughout history from Gustave Dore through to Salvador Dali. For […]

  • JMW Turner Tate National
    A Tour of JMW Turner at the Tate National
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    Artist Joseph Mallord William Turner is regarded as an undoubted national treasure and along with Constable probably the most recognisable name in the history of British art. His status as a master of romanticist landscape painting reflected by the Tate National’s guided tours which walk visitors through the evolution of his career from 1789 to […]

  • Ebola to Isis exhibition
    From Ebola to Isis
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    As we move into the early days of 2016 last year’s numerous international conflicts, natural disasters, health and development issues remain on the global conscience. The Fighting Extremes: From Ebola to Isis exhibition at the Imperial War Museum highlights the role of the British armed forces in this respect with displays reflecting the range and […]

  • Michael Craig-Martin: Transience (Exhibition)
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    The Serpentine Gallery’s winter season features the work of Michael Craig-Martin, his first solo London exhibition for 25 years. This 1981-2015 retrospective will prove an interesting sensory experience for visitors because even the gallery walls are colour-coded to match the paintings. Yes green and pink walls. Bring the sunglasses! Since his early career as mentor […]

  • The Enlightenment Spotlight Tour (Exhibition)
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    The Enlightenment was a period of 17th and 18th century European history when mythology, faith and superstition were challenged for the first time by philosophers and thinkers driven by logic, science and empirical facts. It was a significant departure from the established order and included questioning the authority of church, monarchy and state. The Enlightenment […]

  • TinTin Treat
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    Fans of TinTin will love this new exhibition at Somerset House in Temple. Families with young kids will find the wallpaper style floor to ceiling length prints a welcome alternative to the heavier fare at other galleries and it’s a little like walking into a comic book. Created by Belgian illustrator Georges Remi, more commonly […]