Junior Sales & Event Manager

1. Are you outgoing, fun, and the life of a party?

2. Can you pick up the phone and smooth talk your way into negotiating the best venues/deals?

3. Are you a born salesman/woman with the gift of the gab?

4. Do you have great PR/Marketing skills?

5. Do you have huge social media friends/following or capable of generating such?

6. Can you sell tickets to events and get bums on seats?

7. Are you undeterred, thick skinned, a multi-tasker and problem solver ?

8. Are you a proud British or a Native Londoner who loves London?

9. Are you ready to work 30 hours a week at £7.20 per hour?

10. Are you ready to start asap?

Only apply if you fulfill the criteria above and have proven experience with examples of events/tickets previously organised/sold to