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  • Joaquin Rodrigo: Voice & Vision Book Launch
    Joaquin Rodrigo: Voice & Vision
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    Joaquin Rodrigo was probably Spain’s premier composer of the latter part of the 20th Century. Although blind since the age of three he went on to produce 170 compositions and was such an outstanding talent that he was made a nobleman by King Juan Carlos I in 1992. This April 19th book launch at the […]

  • Exceptional
    Exceptional (Art Exhibition)
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    So the group exhibition is called Exceptional. As adjectives go it’s certainly neither humble nor self-deprecating and sets an expectation of awe-inspiring talent. But hey if Sensation worked for Damien Hirst and the Young British Artists back in 1997 then who’s to say… No sharks suspended in vats of formaldehyde but the tenets of abstraction […]

  • Tenshi Japanese Restaurant
    Tenshi (Restaurant)
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    If you’ve been left disappointed by the increasing selection of restaurants that promise much and deliver little and are looking for an eatery that packs a quiet punch, then wedged conveniently in that niche between cosy snack joint and full-on restaurant lies a modest little Japanese restaurant called Tenshi. This superb establishment on Upper Street, […]

  • The London Indie Film Festival
    The London Indie Film Festival
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    A Japanese restaurant on Kings Rd is an unusual and exotic location for a film festival but Benihana, Chelsea were the high-end, luxury orientated hosts you expected them to be and the plush surrounds were a much appreciated alternative to the typical festival circuit fare. Having said that, the Pomegranate Martini Cocktails at almost £12 […]

  • Heat, Flesh & Trash Anthologies
    Heat, Flesh & Trash
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    Described by his publicist as Malaysia’s most successful independent book publisher, Amir Mohammed is also the brains behind not one but three anthologies each one bearing a slightly provocative title taken from an Andy Warhol movie. He put the call out for writers asking them to use the title as their short story’s theme in […]

  • Hardore Henry
    Hardcore Henry (Film)
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    This review should really begin “I have just seen the best P.O.V movie ever made.” The minute-to-minute action is unrivalled in any film in recent memory where the camera holds the perspective of the main protagonist. However, this review instead begins “I’ve just seen the worst film of 2016.” The explanation is as follows. Directed […]

  • Trew Era Cafe
    Russell’s Brand
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    It would be unfair to visit comedian Russell Brand’s Trew Era Cafe simply to sample its vegetarian cuisine when the history behind this venture makes it even more of a curiosity and also proves that some celebrities do have hearts as well as wallets. Brand famously made a stand against developers who wanted to uproot […]

  • Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year Exhibition
    The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year
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    The Insight Astronomy Photographer of the Year exhibition runs until June 2016 at the Royal Observatory. Widely recognised as the largest such competition it features truly stunning work captured by both specialist astrophotographers and young hopefuls. Below is a selection of their work.

  • States of Mind: Tracing the edges of consciousness
    States of Mind: Tracing the Edges of Consciousness (Exhibition)
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    The mystery of consciousness is examined on many levels at this exhibition at the Wellcome Collection with developments in neuroscience at the forefront of this, but superstition, nightmares and art also figuring heavily. It covers everything from a basic introduction into the workings of the unconscious to detailed theories from centuries past and the modern […]