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  • Ballet Black: The Barbican Theatre
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    Founded in 2001 by Cassa Pancho MBE, (now vice president of the London Ballet Circle), this dance company does exactly what it says on the packet. Providing performance opportunities for dancers from black and Asian backgrounds and attracting a large percentage of this new potential audience in the process. Their March programme kicked off on […]

  • Chineke! Orchestra
    Chineke! Orchestra
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    Founded by double-bassist Chi-chi Nwanok, the Chineke Orchestra is Europe’s first all-black professional orchestra and it’s coming to the Queen Elizabeth Hall on September 13th and promises to be a unique experience in more ways than one. Its principal conductor Wayne Marshall, for example, is the only black one in Britain and will be making […]

  • The Harlequin Euro Festival 2016
    The Harlequin Euro Festival 2016
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    If the European Football Championships is a celebration of Euro sporting excellence then the Harlequin Euro Festival running concurrently celebrates European culture and language in a very different way. The soccer hooliganism happening in host nation France though is at odds with this five week programme of events in Devonshire Square, Liverpool Street which embraces […]

  • Fitz Fest
    Fitz Fest
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    The Fitzrovia area of Central London, encompassing the City of Westminster and much of Camden, celebrated its annual Fitz Fest music festival using venues not typically associated with classical music. World renowned musicians performed Mozart’s Wind Serenade in C Minor in the Darren Baker Gallery on Charlotte Street. A pretty off-kilter venue, you’ll agree. It’s […]

  • Omar Soul Night
    Soulful Omar
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    British soul star Omar widely known for his stand out 1992 rare-groove fusion hit There’s Nothing Like This took the stage at The Den, 100 Wardour Street with the crowd anxiously anticipating his appearance even while the musicians went through their tuning rituals. For many of his faithful fans memories of his 90s heyday signed […]

  • Jazz at Alleycat Bar
    Third Tuesdays’ Jazz Blow Live Nights
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    Given half a chance every wannabe musician would probably charm you with stories about how they hung around the instrument shops on Denmark Street off Charing Cross Road trying out all the latest kit and annoying the sales assistants by jamming loudly in-store like they were the next Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix in waiting. […]

  • An Indie Rock Band at Rough Trade Records
    Indies In Rough Trade
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    Music aficionados were subjected to a treat by a very happening indie rock band Wednesday evening at London’s most recognised independent record label store, Rough Trade Records in Brick Lane. This in-store performance was some great music for every pair of rock loving ears out there.

  • The Halycon Quartet
    The Halcyon Quartet
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    Two great cultural institutions, The British Museum and the Royal Academy of Music, came together on Friday evening, March 18th for a performance which was a delightful paean to the European Enlightenment. Conveniently performed in the museum’s Enlightenment Gallery, it celebrated an age when 18th century intellectuals across Europe embraced a new way of looking […]