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  • dar-marrakech
    Dar Marrakech, Stratford (Restaurant)
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    High Street banks, cafes and municipal buildings are the normal architectural fare on the average London High Street so a Moroccan-style shop front with grand-looking doors and stand out North African and Middle Eastern design elements is always going to get more than its fair share of double takes in Stratford. Although you can’t always […]

  • strada camden
    Strada, Camden (Restaurant)
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    With Italian cuisine and drink products amongst the hottest attractions at the recent Taste of London restaurant festival then maybe you’d like a real restaurant experience to go with those appetising samples of Ronco Calino 2008 Italian champagne hot off of Italian Fizz’s Taste of London stalls. Look no further than the Strada chain of […]

  • Cote Brasserie, Camden
    Cote Brasserie, Camden (Restaurant)
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    You won’t have to look too hard to find a restaurant along Camden’s Parkway. For some reason, whether that’s the ethnic make up of the area or just culinary tastes peculiar to NW1, there are a large number of Japanese and Italian eateries along that stretch of road. But squashed some where between is a […]

  • Arabian Garden
    Arabian Garden (Restaurant)
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    Run by a husband and wife team from Algeria and Lebanon respectively, the Arabian Garden restaurant in Stratford, East London stands out on the High Street as a must-visit. The inviting exterior opens into a restaurant with distinctly Middle Eastern ambience and an elegant sense of space from the well positioned décor and dining areas. […]

  • Prixe Fixe
    Prix Fixe (Restaurant)
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    This French restaurant on Dean Street, Soho does what it says on the packet, but with an elegant continental twist. The term prix fixe means fixed price in English and it offers showpiece set menus of two course lunch for £10.90 and also Pre-Theatre two courses at a reasonable £13.90. The proximity to Theatreland’s Shaftesbury […]

  • Rodizio Preto
    Rodizio Preto (Restaurant)
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    The Brazilian dining experience ventures into traditionally unchartered waters taking on the all-you-can eat crowd and doing so with a quality and South American panache its lower market rivals fail to match. Ideally located on Shaftesbury Avenue for both the throng of tourists and the theatre-goers, it offers carvers on call for meat lovers and […]

  • Pergola on the Roof
    Pergola on the Roof (Restaurant & Bar)
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    A bar on a roof top is no new thing but when it’s on top of a multi-storey car park roof at the Television Centre, Wood Lane you’d better believe it’s going to become a cosy media hang. Location! Location! Location! as they say. A distinctly Mediterranean feel with showy cocktails, whitewashed walls and white […]

  • Dum Dum Doughnut Bar, Shoreditch
    A Doughnut Bar
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    Looking for a cool hang out this summer but had your fill of clubs and booze? Got a sweet tooth? Well your first destination should be cool n’ trendy Shoreditch where you will be a little spoilt for choice for ‘hang-out’ credibility. Although Dum Dum Doughnuts at the ever-so-hip Box Park fits the bill. It’s […]

  • Café Rouge Canary Wharf
    Café Rouge (Restaurant)
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    Whatever happened to the brief British summer time? It’s become even briefer now. Never known for being beachy at the best of seasons it’s now gone into hiding despite forecasters predicting this would be a heatwave that would go down in history. But don’t let that put the dampeners on your dining experience. Catch a […]