M Will Leave You Shaken But Not Stirred (Restaurant)
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Described on Bookatable as a ‘James Bond-style restaurant’, one can only guess they are referring to its air of sophistication and cool because there’s not any Bond memorabilia in sight and the waitresses don’t look anything like Bond girls. This award-winning restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay protégé Michael Reid is too classy for that. And […]

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  • David Bowie: Sound and Vision
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    This Brit icon was born on January 8th and died on January 10th so this second week of the month is a de-facto David Bowie Week. The London Short Film Festival 2017 remembered the death of the rock legend with this tribute movie night at Stratford Picturehouse where fans and film-lovers alike were treated to rarely seen […]

  • Hot Shorts Film Festival Winner Elena Heading for Bigger Things in 2017
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    Director Elena Kovalenko was a double award winner at our own Hot Shorts Film Festival in October last year, triumphing in the editing and cinematography categories with her short film Underwater. We caught up with her to review her success and chat about her plans for 2017 including her new project Elemental Beauty. 1. Hi […]

  • the-birth-of-a-nation-film
    The Birth of a Nation (Film)
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    This period drama about the 1831 Nat Turner slave revolt is a five-star surefire bet to be amongst the Oscar nominees in January 2017. Directed, produced and co-written by Nate Parker, he also stars in this, his debut feature, as the brutalised slave and Baptist preacher who at first uses bible sermons to placate his […]

  • fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Film)
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    The first movie script to be penned by billionaire author J.K. Rowling will no doubt prove to be as successful as the Harry Potter books she wrote without the contribution of Hollywood screenwriters, because when you’re in flow you’re in flow. And the casting of Eddie Redmayne in the lead role as magizoologist (wizard & […]

  • arrival
    Arrival (Film)
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    If aliens landed on earth, all things considered they’d probably be a lot like the ‘creatures’ that hover above the 12 randomly selected geographical locations in this high concept sci-fi flick directed by Denis Villeneuve. Probably. Adapted from a short story by respected author Ted Chiang, it doesn’t just thrust little green men at you, […]

  • television-comes-to-london
    Nov 2, 1936: Television Comes to London
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    Television Comes to London was the title of a documentary aired on the world’s first television service introduced by the pioneering British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on this day Nov 2nd in 1936. A more apt title might have been BBC Brings a Television Service to the World but no matter how ground-breaking this all was its […]

  • A Short Story On Big Screen
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    You may have noticed Hollywood sci- fi film Arrival has been gaining considerable press weeks before its global release. Along with its original take on alien contact it’s also been garnering attention from the bookish crowd as well as cinema lovers because it started out as a short story (not even a novel!) by respected […]

  • train-to-busan
    Flick Pick This Halloween : Train To Busan
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    One of the most common criticisms of horror films is they have all the gory detail and special effects down to a tee but little novelty or meaningful plot development. At first glance, South Korean horror movie Train to Busan is, when all is said and done, another zombie flick. But from the off you […]