Stanislav Geissler
From Studio to Salon Centrepiece
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Painting Dustman from Mile End Stanislav Geissler has just celebrated having his sculpture/painting Alexander McQueen v David Bowie-The Last Dress Up as the centrepiece at the recent Salon des Refuses exhibition organised by Happenstance Framing at the Candid Arts Trust, Islington. What’s Hot London? readers can take a peek in his studios to see his […]

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The Duce’s Boxer
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On June 14th The Italian Cultural Institute in Belgravia hosted a screening of this documentary about a little known black Italian boxer called Leone Jacovacci who lived for a while in London, adopting the English name John Douglas Walker while he pursued his fighting career. He actually first started to box in the British Army […]

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Movies & TV Shows

  • fantastic-beasts-and-where-to-find-them
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Film)
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    The first movie script to be penned by billionaire author J.K. Rowling will no doubt prove to be as successful as the Harry Potter books she wrote without the contribution of Hollywood screenwriters, because when you’re in flow you’re in flow. And the casting of Eddie Redmayne in the lead role as magizoologist (wizard & […]

  • arrival
    Arrival (Film)
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    If aliens landed on earth, all things considered they’d probably be a lot like the ‘creatures’ that hover above the 12 randomly selected geographical locations in this high concept sci-fi flick directed by Denis Villeneuve. Probably. Adapted from a short story by respected author Ted Chiang, it doesn’t just thrust little green men at you, […]

  • television-comes-to-london
    Nov 2, 1936: Television Comes to London
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    Television Comes to London was the title of a documentary aired on the world’s first television service introduced by the pioneering British Broadcasting Company (BBC) on this day Nov 2nd in 1936. A more apt title might have been BBC Brings a Television Service to the World but no matter how ground-breaking this all was its […]

  • A Short Story On Big Screen
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    You may have noticed Hollywood sci- fi film Arrival has been gaining considerable press weeks before its global release. Along with its original take on alien contact it’s also been garnering attention from the bookish crowd as well as cinema lovers because it started out as a short story (not even a novel!) by respected […]

  • train-to-busan
    Flick Pick This Halloween : Train To Busan
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    One of the most common criticisms of horror films is they have all the gory detail and special effects down to a tee but little novelty or meaningful plot development. At first glance, South Korean horror movie Train to Busan is, when all is said and done, another zombie flick. But from the off you […]

  • the-girl-on-the-train
    The Girl on the Train (Film)
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    With an idea which remains refreshingly simple in its execution despite its twists and turns, director Tate Taylor takes us on an express train ride through alcoholic lead character Rachel Watson’s (Emily Blunt) inebriated and confused version of the events leading to the death of her ex-husband’s nanny. Adapted from a book by Paula Hawkins […]

    Hot Shorts Free Entry Contest
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    Here is a selection of promotional photos from some of the films being screened at the Hot Shorts Film Festival London 2016 on Saturday October 8th, Roxy Bar & Screen, London. Match the titles (alphabets) to the photos (numbers) for a chance to win free entry and join directors and guests on the red carpet. […]

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
    Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Film)
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    Director Tim Burton’s interpretation of American author Ransom Riggs’ debut novel has his distinctive gothic, offbeat flavour all over it, from Miss Peregrine’s raven-black take on the blue rinse all the way to the grotesque Hollows – monsters who’d look more at home in a horror movie than a children’s drama. Jake is a young […]

  • Gareth Edwards
    Short Film Festivals: Gareth Edwards
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    As we move into the final week before the Hot Shorts Film Festival & Awards on October 8th we take a look at how winning a London film festival not commonly regarded as one of the biggest festivals out there (Sci-Fi London) propelled writer director Gareth Edwards onwards to direct Hollywood movie Godzilla and later Star […]

  • Blair Witch
    Blair Witch (Film)
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    Blair Witch eh. There’s nothing like a blockbuster hand-held found footage movie to get everyone thinking they can make a successful horror feature film. The problem is whether it will be any good or not. There are many ways to measure success and the $248 million that Blair Witch 1 grossed in 1999 because of […]