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  • Icons of Hip Hop (Exhibition)
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    BoxPark in Shoreditch is increasingly making a name as the place to be for buzz gigs, pop up art exhibitions and all manner of in-store creative cool. The Icons of Hip Hop exhibition by photographer Eddie Otchere is one such urban gem, documenting as it does, his experience snapping rap royalty throughout the decades. These […]

  • Tutankhamun
    January 3rd: Explorer Howard Carter Discovers Tutankhamun’s Tomb
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    Make this a culture-filled New Year in our capital city! And if ever you needed motivation to head off to the British Museum in 2017 then the glorious but mysterious circumstances of Tutankhamun’s life and death might give you just that. For it was on this day in 1924 that English archaeologist Howard Carter discovered […]

  • Marcus Sprigens
    Artist Marcus Sprigens
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    North London based artist Marcus Sprigen’s work caught many passing glances at the recent Islington Art and Design Fair. The similarity with the Dutch Master Vermeer in his displayed paintings was on further discussion not coincidental. His art is inspired from a wide-range of movements including Surrealism, Fantasy and elements of the dark psyche of […]

  • gavin turk
    Gavin Turk: Who What When Where How & Why (Exhibition)
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    Artist Gavin Turk has hooked up with his fellow YBA pal-turned gallery owner Damien Hirst for this retrospective at Hirst’s impressive £25 million Newport Street Gallery in Vauxhall. The YBAs (Young British Artists) emerged in the 1990s as a Hirst-led movement that challenged the art establishment, so decades later this modern-day Turk-Hirst tie up has […]

  • painters'-painter
    Painters’ Painters (Exhibition)
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    Don’t get the two mixed up. Painters’ Paintings at The National Gallery (Sept 2016) was an exhibition of paintings owned by the great artists while Painters’ Painters at the Saatchi (Nov 2016-Feb 2017) celebrates the work of contemporary names who have imposed their own styles on a medium challenged, reinterpreted and sometimes traduced and reduced […]

  • david-lurie-writing-the-city
    David Lurie – Writing the City (Exhibition)
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    South African photographer David Lurie’s exhibition at The Sulger-Buel Lovell Gallery captures the urban communities of the Rainbow Nation with uncompromising focus on the socio-political condition in the post-apartheid era. This self taught photographer who studied politics, philosophy and economics at the University of Cape Town has emerged as a conscientious commentator on his home […]

  • magnus-plessen-skin-of-volume
    Magnus Plessen: The Skin of Volume (Exhibition)
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    German artist Magnus Plessen new exhibition at the White Cube follows on from his earliest show ‘1914’ which was influenced by Ernest Friedrich’s anti-war book War Against War whose graphic photographs revealed the horrific realities of the battlefield and showed bodies maimed by automatic weapons. In this new exhibition this dislocation of body parts is […]